Sleaford Cemetery

Sleaford Cemetery

Sleaford Cemetery is situated on Eastgate, the entrance is marked by the original stone pillars and gates, (restored in 2007), and a timber frame cottage that used to be the residence of the Cemetery Superintendent and is now a private house.


Memorial Safety

All the memorials within the cemetery are privately owned and it is not the responsibility of the Town Council to maintain them.  However the Town Council does have the duty to ensure that all the headstones and other memorials are in a safe condition.  The owner of most memorials will usually be a relative of the deceased at the time of burial but after a period of time this will probably pass to other family members.  All memorials receive a periodic inspection and, as a last resort, may be laid down if found to be unsafe.  This protects the public and also the memorial is laid down gently rather than possibly falling uncontrolled and being damaged.

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Burial Register

Having completed the transfer of the Burial Register into a database we are now able to show a complete record online as a PDF document.  This will be updated at least once a year to include recent interments.  Please note the handwriting in some of the old registers has meant some guesswork in interpreting the names.

Burial Register 1856 - 1889
Burial Register 1890 - 1928
Burial Register 1929 - 1963
Burial Register 1964 - 2010
Burial Register 2010 - 2015
Burial Register 2016 - 2020

East Midlands in Bloom Awards

The Cemetery has always been a part of the judge's route since Sleaford in Bloom started to enter the annual competition.

In 2007 as part of East Midlands in Bloom, the cemetery was awarded the RHS Bloomin Wild Discretionary Award for the wildflower area.

The Cemetery was awarded a 'Judges Award' in 2003 and 2006 for it's wildflower initiatives, with the judges in 2006 commenting on, 'the excellent management regimes at the cemetery that allow wildflowers to flourish'.

The best time to visit the wildflower section is between May - September and the section is located on the right at the top of the drive.  Further photos of the cemetery can be seen in the pictures section of this website.

Opening Times

Main Gate (7 Days a week)
8am - 4pm in Winter (Oct – Mar)
8am - 7pm in Summer (Apr – Sept)

Millfield Terrace Cemetery Gate
Monday to Friday - 10.00am until 2.00pm
Weekends - 8.00am - 4.00pm
Entry to the cemetery for vehicles and pedestrians is off Eastgate and there is limited parking at the top of the drive.

Regulations and Charges

Regulations Part I - General Information.

Regulations Part II - Memorials & Care of Graves.

Muslim Burials.

Sleaford Cemetery Fee's


The cemetery is laid out as four main areas:
Old Portion (1856 onwards)
New Portion (1884 onwards)
New Section (1941 onwards)
Woodland Section (2004 onwards)
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