Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
Neighbourhood Plans are principally about land use and development management and have full planning status.

What will a Neighbourhood Plan look like?
It is up to each community to decide what is included in a Neighbourhood Plan and how much detail they wish to go into.  Policies included in Neighbourhood Development Plans will need to be related to the use of land in the area or to spatial matters. It is likely that wider issues will arise during community engagement in the course of the Plan making process.

Can it stop development happening in the area?
A Neighbourhood Plan is not a tool to stop development. However, they can shape the environment of the development within National and Local Planning Policies

Key documents about Sleaford you could view
Central Lincolnshire Local Plan – This plan was originally adopted in 2017 and is now under review.  It forms part of the development Plan for central Lincolnshire authorities and includes policies for growth and regeneration of Central Lincolnshire up to 2036.  It includes policies to make sure that our settlements grow in the right way, ensure we have homes and employment where we need them and ensure our communities are sustainable, accessible and inclusive.   It is currently in the process of being reviewed.
Sleaford Masterplan –This plan provides an indication of strategic direction for the town, identifying key priorities and phasing activities over the next 25 years.

What are the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan?
Allows residents to have an input into their future surroundings.

What might be included?
Protection and creation of open spaces
The design of buildings
The development of schools, leisure facilities and community centres

Is a Neighbourhood Plan right for Sleaford?
It can represent a serious commitment and any group of people considering preparing a Neighbourhood Plan will need to carefully weigh the opportunities against the time/cost implications and come to a balanced view.

Are you interested to find out more?
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