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Sleaford Town Council comprises 18 Councillors who represent the 6 wards within Sleaford.

Advisory Groups will be set up by the Full Council to report on specific matters. These may run for the full term of the council or until their work is completed when they would be disbanded.

Working Groups are also set up for specific tasks by any Committee, these groups will only last until the next meeting of the parent committee, should they require a longer period to achieve their task an extension may granted by the parent committee but only to the next meeting when the group will be disbanded.

Both Advisory and Working Groups may consult people who are not members of the Council. e.g. specialists in a specific area, constituents with a particular interest or knowledge, etc.


Councillor Contact Email

Castle Ward

Mark Graves 01529 301942 / 07976 753830 Contact Mark Graves
Paul Coyne 07590 013262 Contact Paul Coyne
Keith Dolby 01529 307404 Contact Keith Dolby

Holdingham Ward

John Charlesworth 01529 415721 Contact John Charlesworth
Ken Fernandes   Contact Ken Fernandes
Grenville Jackson 01529 303949 Contact Grenville Jackson

Mareham Ward

Adrian Snookes 07779 760580 Contact Adrian Snookes
Jan Mathieson 01529 303232 Contact Jan Mathieson

Navigation Ward

David Suiter 01529 306950 Contact David Suiter
Paul McCallum 01529 304440 / 07825 876325 Contact Paul McCallum

Quarrington Ward

Garry Titmus 01529 415850 Contact Garry Titmus
Bozena Allan   Contact Bozena Allan
Jan Brealeycook   Contact Jan Brealeycook

Westholme Ward

Heather Lorimer 01529 304691  
Steve Clegg 07940 987875 Contact Steve Clegg
Anthony Brand   Contact Anthony Brand

Full Council

All above Councillors make up the Full Council. This body considers matters relating to the town as a whole, and can be used as final ratification for matters considered in individual Committees.



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